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Own an extraordinary residential property in one of Berlin’s most sought-after districts. Surrounded by a new, exclusive urban quarter designed by Herzog & de Meuron. In a metropolis where demand for high-grade housing is rising steadily.

Facts and figures
that speak for themselves

3.7 million


Strong demand for new housing: 3.7 million people live in Berlin, and the trend is up. Since the population is growing faster than is housing, the vacancy rate is especially low at 0.9 %.


new Berliners a year

A steadily growing population: 30,000 people relocate to Berlin each year. And of them, some 60% are international newcomers. There is a great thirst for condominiums, in particular in the premium segment.

12.6 %

capital appreciation

Great investment potential: The net present value of new-build flats in Berlin rose 12.6 % from 2018 to 2019.


new companies a year

Strong start-up potential: 45,000 new firms are founded each year in Berlin. And the city’s economic muscle is growing by the day.

48.1 %

increase in gross domestic product

Strong economic growth: Berlin’s GDP climbed by 48.1 % between 2008 and 2018.


new apartments

Great appeal: 264,000 new flats are needed in Berlin by 2030 to cover the high demand.

Value of properties
steadily increasing

In recent years, purchase prices for condominiums in Berlin have rocketed. And we expect the value to appreciate further in coming years, too.

Index chart development of purchase prices
for condominiums (new construction)

Basis: H1 2012 = 100

Quelle: empirica systeme, IDN immodaten, JLL

Berlin as an
investment hub

Berlin is increasingly evolving into an international hub for science, medicine and research. Amongst start-ups, the city is ahead of London and New York in the list of most popular cities world-wide.

And the growing economy is also pushing the value of properties up in the German capital. Prime conditions to invest in residential properties in Berlin.